politoons.co.uk – is a regular series of MacD’s cartoon and writing satire intended to smooth out the bumps along the road of this all too brief political and cultural life. Although based in the UK, topics range from national to European and World events.

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-72MacD’s Politoons offers daily cartoons and incisive comment on national and international events and current affairs. Follow politoons for the latest in satire, and visual comedy, from a fine illustrator of the absurd. The Modern Memes section takes a far sided view of the world, the truth, politics and poetry.

These regular blog and e zine updates are a home away from home for the weary traveler on the internet of sighs. Make your moment special with a one off holiday from the everyday, greeting cards, e cards, books and funny cartoons are all for sale, or can be especially designed just for you or for a loved one.

Politoons.co.uk offers a sample of new cartoons and limericks responding to global events. There is also a ‘toon-a-day’ daily edition that you can subscribe to, as well as  a monthly review, and an annual edition, all available in  a choice of convenient formats.

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What other say about Politoons:

“So excited!
Guess what came through the door. My very own print of the cartoon that I captioned and won in a caption contest. The great Mac Dunlop mailed it to me. Can’t wait to get it framed and hang it on my wall.” 

A. Golden

“Fabulous issue, thanks for the latest: A round the world frenzy of fun news and commentary!”

S. Bamsey

“I think I’ve begun to understand from my time in the capital that it is the argument itself which often overrides the sense of the sentiments expressed in politics and all conflicts. Rage on, chum of mine!”

White Sails D

“Hilarious UK based political humour with an international spread. Mac Dunlop you would have a field day here in Aus at the moment !”

R. Mills

check out the  THOUGHTS ON CARTOON POETRY  section here

Feel free to get in touch about receiving regular toons and limericks through our weekly feed service, with monthly e-issues customized for you in mobile, ebook or ipad formats.

Information about Prints and Distribution can be found here

Find out about the new 100 cartoon paperback “The Cod Philosophy of MacD” here


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