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Just Dessert

the new children’s A4/8 x 11″ Colour in a Poem book, is now available from lulu publishers here
(or see contact details below)
“My head is full of popcorn,
My eyes are full of sweets,
My hands have butterfingers
and there’s chocolate toes upon my feet…”
a series of 10 different cartoon greeting cards are available singly or in sets
volume one of ‘The Cod Philosophy of MacD’

buy it online with an automatic 10% discount here

Limited edition “If Not then What?” exhibition prints are available to order now.
view some of those prints in different categories here:


UK Politics

US Politics

European Politics

MacD’s Politoon Prints Quantity Price
Per Print
Post &
Signed and mounted (3mm card) A3 Fine Art Print 1 Or More £30.00 £4.50
Signed and mounted (3mm card)  A4 Fine Art Print 1 Or More £20.00 £2.95
 signed greeting cards – in pack of 5  1 or more  £15.00  £1.40

if you would like to place an order, or can’t find what you’re looking for, just leave a reply here or email us at:

MacD’s Politoons offers daily cartoons that are fun for all ages. Follow politoons for the latest in satire, and visual comedy, from a fine illustrator of the absurd.

Taking on the world, the truth, politics and poetry these blog updates are a home away from home for the weary traveler on the internet of sighs. Politoons uses indian ink inspired image making, with both coloring books for children and kids and political cartoons for adults.

Make your moment special with a one off holiday from the everyday. MacD’s cartoons come as greeting cards, e cards, paperback books, books online and just funny cartoons to download. All are for sale, or something new can be especially designed for you, your business, newsletter, blog, or for a friend or loved one.


4 thoughts on “Cards, Books and Prints

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  2. Hello Malcolm!!! Wonderful news that your colour-in book is nearly ready to order. I think I would like one of them. in the meantime, I shall go and get a few more of the Cod Philosophy books from Lulu … as I have a few I am giving a birthday gifts :-)

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