My Day Off by MacD

my day off - the new radio show from MacDMy Day Off -the 15 minute series of humorous monologues by Mac Dunlop – joins Cornwall’s the Source Fm.

Listen in online every Wednesday afternoon at 1:45pm on Cornwall’s The Source FM
if you can’t tune in, the first three episodes are available here
episode 1
episode 2
episode 3

“I always find it difficult to describe what a monologue is to be or not to be. My last series Unspoken Words had a simple soundbyte, it was “about a single word, and what a single word could inspire”, a series of humourous monologues that were held together by a single tenuous thread, a different single word each week. UW ran for forty 15 minute episodes on Cornwall’s The Source FM, and London’s Resonance FM between 2010 and 2012.”
Now, having lost you in terms of my ‘elevator pitch’ time frame, I want to introduce you to what My Day Off is not:

1) it is not another Unspoken Word series.

2) it is not linear narrative (it accommodates the capacity of a single voice to trample all over sense and sensibility).

3) it is not real, it is a rapid fire approach to containing what happens next within a 15 minute linear time frame.

4) it is not unfunny.

5) I refer my honourable member to the answer I gave moments ago*.

*p.s. no search engines were harmed in the writing of this Press Release

check out the MY Day Off vibe right here, right now!



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