writing class with macd

Mac is a Cornwall based poet who focuses on promoting the spoken word and performance writing. He founded ‘The Poetry Point’ (TPP) in 2007, a ‘writing hub’ which focuses on encouraging young writers and artists to explore their inspirations and creativity across different media and art forms. Mac currently works closely with the artist Annie Lovejoy on  “Caravanserai” – an ongoing Arts and Literature project on Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula. He is also working with KEAP (Kernow Education and Arts Partnership) on the new “Story Republic” partnership with schools across Cornwall.

portrait of annie lovejoy by macd

portrait of Annie Lovejoy by MacD

“Another respect in which Dunlop differs from other performance poets is that as often as not the words and sentiments he utters come to us from a character or persona he has adopted. From this point of view his poems often ask to be read as dramatic monologues rather than personal lyrics.” Edward Picot, Editor, The Hyperliterature Exchange

“A master of the monologue in action”
Alyson Hallett, author, “The Stone Library

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