POlitoons #17 The Literally F.O.A.D. issue

Existential Threats Expanded Exponentially Exponents Claim!



New research by the government that thinks it can do whatever it likes having survived 5 years of coaliting with the enemy shows that discussing real things by attaching the prefix ‘existential’ to the subject confuses the inattentive public. Previously democratic voters are unsure as to whether their own government – and by implication everyone else they chat with in the pub – are talking about real reality or just a series of existential or fantastically imagined things.

Existential Finances Explained:

The Chancellor of the Axechecker and the Wank of England are both in difficulty as it emerges that there are not enough poor people to blame for the financial crisis that they have been voted into office in order to solve on the last two occassions. Ministers have come to realise that in the confusion over collective short term memory loss (The Current British Prime Minister being an exact warrior clone of the last one, for instance) makes governing the system that makes subsidising rich people look like fixing the roof when the  sun shines a lot easier.

Existential Sporting Activities:

The government’s genocidal nature toward anyone with sympathy for others is seeping into the foreground of death cult politics. So called “friendlies” for instance have recently evolved from previously highly competitive international football matches into highly lucrative arena spectacles where supporters from each nation’s side sing each other’s songs and wave each other’s flags while the players on the pitch kick each others balls and even score each others goals.

How Existential Democracy works for you:


PR gurus fed by rich individual donors to government think tank programs have turned to philosophical components of how we view reality in order to underfund the people’s broadcasting network while seeking new media markets in propagandist bolt holes previously the preserve of dictators, oil rich monarchies and  dictators.

Other examples of existential events*:
existential terrorist threats
existential economic crisis
existential refugee crisis
*commonly these existentialities are bundled together into
a general existential threat to our way of life

Existentialism Defined:

“Existentialism is essentially existence multiplied quantitatively by a sense of essentiallism”. Said one young government intern keen to be quoted, having just left Eton with a Bullington club coupon entitling them to one free coffee and entry to any initiation ceremony of their choosing.

National Nonsense Service Expanded in Sickness and in Health!

Meanwhile the National Health Service has been re-branded as the “No Hope Sunshine” corporation. The new NHS recently ordered a million doses of Viagra and 3 million botox injections to be stored for distribution should a future crisis mean that the multinational makers of both products are forced to leave their off shore tax haven – a place commonly referred to as “The Republic of Ireland”.

Labour Leader Fast Tracked instead of Back Tracked Claim Backbench Syrian Rebels!


Jeremy Corbyn the latest in a long line of distinguished Labour leaders has come under fire for saying exactly the same thing that he said when elected to the party leadership a month ago. Pundits blame his poll rating slide on the fact that he hasn’t changed his mind or caved in on anything as was expected once he got elected and could then be told what to do. People who lost that

election along with the last two major national ones that will keep the


Labourious party out of government for at least a decade are up in muted arms about the new leader’s lack of backtracking.
“Of course we should listen to those who lose!” said a labour leader loser who did not wish to be named. “What’s more if we are going to be an effective opposition, we need to have policies that are nearly the same as the government in power, or let’s face it, we’ll never get elected like they do!”

Turkey Shoot Over Own Territory Causes Desert Sh*t Storm!politoons-new-logo1-940-198-72

Turkey shot down a Russian Plane with it’s own American jets for bombing in Syrian territory that looked like part of Turkey from very high up, where the jets were apparently flying at the time. The Russian pilots ejected from the whatsit and everyone is blaming each other because this looks like the start of WW3, and nobody wants that on their conscience, or in their autobiography for that matter.

Testosterone levels have reportedly rocketed as the international war on drugs agency estimates that there is massive drug cheating amongst remote battlefield combatants on a seemingly military industrial complex scale!23-1-15-prince-a-davos-macd

Ever since the war on drugs found out about poppy fields in Afghanistan and Cocoa plantations in the America of the South, antidisestablishmentarianists have been fuming over who’s bogarting the joint as it goes round the veto-ists of the UN Security Council.  Having decided that flying planes into each other’s territory is the only way to keep the media storm over where to have a war next on the front pages of screen based apps and twitter feeds, poll manipulators have suggested that the government get with the social media program and start it’s own propaganda campaigns. (f.f.i check out: #bombeffingeveryfing!, #noIneverUdid2, and #isitabirdisitaplaneisitisis?

Head of International Anti Doping Drugs Agency held on suspicion of acting like Head of World Football Agency!

Now that the international football federation has decided its top team of world cup negotiators don’t collect enough bribes to earn their keep, Seb Coe chair of the world Anti Doping Agency has been surrounded by controversy over his own bribes made as a wedding gift for his corporate sponsors at Nike.  Nike’s hometown has been reshaped into a trademark tic as it competed against itself to host the next world athletics championship and has even begun work on the new anti doping emporium sponsored by Fyzwhore, the largest international manufacturers of happy pills. Depression and not enough access to sports on screen are thought to be linked by advertisers intent on shoring up the eroding landscape of Mad Men era fashion statements and people who like tattoos.

Doyen of Daesh says “A rose by any other name would still be an A-hole!”bad-bomber1-macd_web

Having holed up in Gay Pariee for a few days of malevolence, the latest fascist guru’s of gun porn held a press conference while being surrounded by paramilitary police in two of Europe’s most famous capitals.hebdo-5a-macd2015-sm

Speaking through an atheist interpreter the drugged up nihilists promoted their vision for apocalypse and the final battle to be waged in the Middling Ease between Pepsi and Coca Cola. The explosive wearing fascistionados apologised for the effect their actions may have on the live music scene – already threatened by itunes and third party piracy giants – before racing against time to blow themselves up before being blown up by forces amassed beyond their control.

to find out more or to purchase the latest compendium of Politoons in the form of The Enigma Deviations get in touch with info(at)thepoetrypoint.com


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Paris, November 14th, 2015


(detail from new canvas -Paris 14-11-15)


everything is slower today
numb as blood frozen head shot
of artist’s self-portrait

but for grace and gods
the words here might not be

and being not as they were
once unsaid

become undone
a thousand times
being shot at
for being read


x peace and love


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Painting with Light -The Enigma’s Progress: new works on canvas by Mac D

Painting with Light -The Enigma’s Progress
An exhibition of new works on canvas by Politoons editor Mac D
on display at Jam Records in Falmouth from November 20th until January 15th 2016
Tuesdays to Saturdays 10:30 am to 5pm
Mac’s visual work is not without controversy as he combines modern digital media with his painting and writing skills. Some consider this style of working to be outside the remit of traditional painting, but experimenting with different techniques is not unusual. There are plenty of examples of using non-painting techniques to make paintings. Consider in the colour paper collages of Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol’s screen print paintings, or even the stencil spray techniques used by contemporary graffiti artists such as Banksy.

Mac Dunlop’s new series introduces the visitor to an array of dramatically coloured imagery combined with poetry on the theme of love.


The artist says:
“Ever since working on my first exhibition of digital imagery “True to Life”

in 2008 – a series of fanciful photo adventures that celebrate the King Harry Ferry, I’ve been wrestling with how to involve digital techniques into my painting.”

“I wanted the clean lines that digital production makes possible. At the same time I wanted to contrast mechanical printing with the more expressive lines that you get in handwriting and sketching freehand. Bringing them together creates a unique tension in the same way that placing a particular colour beside another can create a particular mood or atmosphere.”


Mac features in the newly published collection of 26 Cornish writers “A Space to Write”, an intimate account and photographic study of writers and their writing spaces in Cornwall.
His own collection of drawings and cartoons “The Enigma Deviations” was published last year by The Poetry Point Press.
Mac is a professional member of the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) and works with various Cornish Cultural organisations – Hall for Cornwall, Falmouth Art Gallery, The Exchange and Newlyn Art Gallery, Kernow Education and Arts Partnership (KEAP) the Indpendent School of Art and Caravanserai. He founded The Poetry Point in 2008 – a website portal to visual art, poetry and spoken word events in Cornwall and the South West. Mac also works as a radio producer, his radio shows air on Cornwall’s The Source Fm, and on London’s Resonance FM.

for more information or to speak with the artist contact
Mac Dunlop at


Location: Jam Records
32 High Street
TR11 2AD

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The Take Away issue #16


Meat – the new Tobacco!

Experts have collided like giant objects in the night sky as scientists and domestic farm animals agree that eating them can be dangerous in direct proportion to you being what you eat.  Eaters have come out in droves today to cite the latest findings as reason to ignore political correctness, and are up in arms – in some cases even tails – over what is seen as an intrusion by the World Health Organisation into the ongoing industrialisation of agriculture.

Zoo keepers too are said to be alarmed at the prospect of being sued for putting too much meat in the diets of predatory animals in their care. While sugar, salt and other preservative manufacturers are concerned at the impact this will have on what the food industry is willing to stuff into it’s sausages with government consent.

Chinese to overtake Britain as European Nuclear Power


Chairman Xi and his folk singing wife have visited Britain for the first time after being mistaken at customs for the deceased former Chinese Chair,  Mouse-in-Tongue, a Chippendale Rocker who was big in the 20th Century, revolted against culture  and swept the nation with his much talked about hit “The Little Red Book”.  Xi however is as made in china as anyone and has come to the UK to buy the queen and sell his wife’s CD’s on a mini tour of the nation’s favourite Open Mic sessions.

While protesters protest about what people think of Tibet, and other things to do with human rights besides unregulated capitalism, some paid supporters of the Folk singer’s husband’s regime lined the pavement where pigeons usually loiter, and waved red flags thinking the next world cup had started and we had all been magically transported to a half finished stadium in Russia – except for political prisoners and the ones on death row waiting to have their kidneys removed for involuntary transplants.

House of Saud berates House of Parliament

assad syrian conflict middle east macd
Britain came under fire from Saudi diplomats yesterday as they sought to defuse tension between the two nations by threatening to scupper trade deals involving arms dealers and huge amounts of bribes to UK corporations. The Syrian flash point has focused attention on Britain’s foreign wars yet again as the world’s biggest oil producer and least democratic nation seeks to rally support for its cause and keep oil so cheap no one else will bother trying to get the stuff out of the ground and therefore keep purchasing it from their magic desert kingdom instead.

Having got wind of the fact that some Brit’s find that their own country’s relationship with a religious monarchic state that militarily supports other non-democracies has been going on for well over a century,  some UK citz’s are suggesting that their own neo-colonial government should stop trading in things like prisons and implements of torture with the Arabian regime.

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-pink-72Tax Credits to be removed from the ends of British Films!

Overhauling the nation state and making everyone painfully aware of just how precarious life is, the government is this week at war with it’s un-elected components over how poor people really need to be before they deserve any help at all.  Having created so many opt out clauses for a minimum wage that is impossible to live on without a government subsidising of business through the welfare system, the government has decided to shrink it’s welfare bill so it can hand more money back to corporations through a reduction in their tax rate that they don’t pay anyway. Chance-his-arm Osborne has instructed his minions to pretend that the nation is full of 100% employed people who work hard even though they are work shy yet still live off the state while in employment and paying taxes.  Employment in the UK is now seen as a stepping stone to being able to pay off the debts incurred during childhood and the welfare system – like the war – is expected to be over by Christmas. BTW remember when VAT was less than 20%…?

regular features:

My Day Off continues on The Source FM every Wednesday afternoon at 13:45pm GMTmy day off - the new radio show from MacD
The Enigma Deviations, the perfect antidote to doom.

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the Corbyn conundrum


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POLITOONS 2015 #15 The Pilotless Delivery Issue

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-blue-smBritain adds extra justice to its legal system at no extra cost to taxpayer!


Extrajudicial killings are now provided freeby the taxpayer funded military instead of the antiquated taxpayer funded courts. The suddenly rubber stamped landmark ruling allows pilot-less robots to bring swift death and justice to ex-pats and their neighbours who live in any bomb-able foreign land. Prime Meister David “Bomber” Cameron faced tough questioning over sending air ships into the desert in search of welsh people suspected of hiding in head coverings and beards. The unrepentant leader of the Conserva-kill-list Party went on to accuse anyone opposed to the use of military force to assassinate ex-pat British citizens of being “like, really un-grown-up and stuff!”. Reminding the rubber stamp club of MP’s surrounding him that the cost of having an attorney general in your pocket is to be replaced by the assumption that anyone accused of an offense must be guilty anyway, innit, at the end of the day, I’m not a racialist but… where you from anyway?

Refuge for Refugees refused unless not from Europe, government says!5-9-15-beach-waiter1-macdsm

Meanwhile the Government deftly avoided the anti-European migration crisis by insisting that Britian could find its own refugees – thankyou very much! Intending to go to the source of refugees and find the best ones -preferably anti euro ones, who had stayed behind because the last thing they want is to be part of Europe! Euro-sceptics in the government were content in the knowledge that any refugees taken in by the English part of the British Leadership would first be vetted for their UKIP sympathies, then offered British only visas at a yet to be disclosed non-european price.

Dredging for Britain!

Yetserday’s minutes from Parliament clarifyied that the government’s slim majority is held together by a Conservative manifesto pledge to dredge the English Channel until it is deeper than the world record Marianas Trench. Expanding on the expansion of the distance between Britain and Europe, conservative planners will soon unveiled a vision for removing the topsoil of England from the sea bed beneath in order to drift the entire British Isles further out into the Atlantic, where they can host as many American Military bases and nuclear armaments as the nation’s hot air suspension system will allow.

Hospital Staff Shortages seen as sign of business success!

Business leaders have come out in support of Bed Staff and financial shortcomings in the nation’s hospitals today, saying that this is a sign of an improving economy in the medical industry. Not having enough trained staff may be largely down to underfunded Nursing Colleges, but staff shortages also indicate a growing market in private health care that could quickly expand into the vacuum left by an under resourced national health care system, a new studies by the IPPI (the Institute Paid for by Private Industry) claims.

Oldest Reigning Monarch Exceeds all Expectations!Cameron, and the Ice queen

The end of Britain’s oldest current King or Queen is nigh, but still awaits further Helen Mirren adaptations to be spun out to Hollywood before she feels ready to retire . Her Madge intends to go out with a bang along with one of the largest inherited fortunes in the country – left intact by more than a dozen different parliaments who one after another fawned disgracefully at her feet for the entirety of her reign. All for want of a horse! Or at least an OBE…


(bet I’m not getting one – ed.)

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My Day Off radio show continues online and on air in London and Cornwall

My Day Off -the 15 minute series of humorous monologues by Mac Dunlop – joins Cornwall’s the Source Fm, along with London’s Resonance FM

Listen in online at London’s Resonance FM 96.1 every Monday night at 10pm
or every Wednesday afternoon at 1:45pm on Cornwall’s The Source FM
if you can’t tune in, the first three episodes are available here
episode 1
episode 2
episode 3


Listen in on London’s Resonance FM 96.1 every Monday night at 10pm

or every Wednesday afternoon at 1:45pm on The Source FM

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POLITOONS #15 The hangover from holiday special

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-72NO UKIP campaign to start with itself, leader claims!

UKIP senses that it’s greatest strength is in it’s complete isolation from everything else, and so a decision has been agreed by it’s owner to stand alone aside and say “No to Britain!” The Last Farage spoke on the subject recently realizing he hadn’t had much media coverage since giving up at the last election. “We’re not an island for no reason!” said the UKIPPITTY Leader at the launch of a new range of very short neckties – catering for the growing market in fashion for the double chinned – yesterday.  In his first appearance since total defeat at the last election, Mr. F-of -U-KIP told this tissue paper: “These continental ties have to be cut in order for our country to maintain it’s island roots, especially in the face of a rising tide of floods of swarms of plagues of other people trying to get in because  they think I must make sense to a lot of people!”
He then symbolically cut his own necktie even shorter, daring David Cameraman and other defeated party leaders to do the same.


PM in Cornish Sewage shocker!

british pm swats at questions about life the universe and everything before going off on his hol's
PM Cam and PMT wife Sam were caught up in the waves of emotion overspilling a Cornish beach where recent storm sewers have emptied vast quantities of Newquay effluent into the seaside paradise. Having survived many a shit storm in his time, the nation’s answer to slicked down hair and Elvis impersonators stood proudly on the beach in a wetsuit impregnated with security personnel trying to make enough space for the Cameroons to sit on a towel and eat sand crusted ice cream while talking sagely to each other about the weather: ‘It isn’t the same as last year, but it never is though is it dear?  I suppose… but it’s such a shame for families who are too afraid to leave this country and go on holiday somewhere else isn’t it? Mmmm, yes dear… shall we share a pasty now for the cameras? Oh yes! I do so want to keep the local economy afloat – so to speak – at least for the duration of this photo shoot!”

Hospitals to Close Purse String Operating Costs in Emergency Surgery Plans

you is old innit! by macd
Amputating the waste that hospitals around the country generate each year has become a focus of attention for the rudely healthy Chancellor of the Exchequer.  Closing down the NHS is one option being considered by Whitehall Mandarins who don’t fall ill very often and therefore see no reason why other people can’t follow their example. With nothing much happening over the summer months, the national hell’s service has been wheeled out for private health providers to pillory and attack until the House of Commons re-sits in September, when it will come together over the issue and debate new and innovative ways of making every citizen’s life more uncomfortable and insecure.


Obama watches Ice melt in Alaskan foray to welcome oil platforms drilling near refuge.

from"animals that had to evolve..." by macd
Aware that the Russian and United States Empires are only a few miles apart in places, Obamawhammaflimflam flew into the polar region today to rename a mountain with it’s original name. On arrival, the Great Prez promised to do everything he could to show Russia that they weren’t the only Empirical Nation serious about screwing up the fragile arctic habitat as it’s protective shield of ice melts away. Canada for it’s part has also turned it’s attention north, hoping to make an even bigger mess that can be seen from space than the tar sands projects being largely abandoned further south as fossil fuel investment money has been evaporating for sometime in the land of ice and yellow snow.

ISIS dismantle temple without planning permission

With nothing to do in the Caliphate since murdering and displacing everyone they didn’t like the look of, ISIS architects have turned their attention to old fashioned ruins. One town planner said of their recent ruining of ruins, “These Temples may have stood the test of time, but this is  the 21st Century after all, and even ruins need updating! I mean these were world heritage sites from before the days of dynamite, and that is so like you know, not very ‘now’ at all!”


The Enigma Deviations, over 100 MacD cartoons for your perusement! Get in touch to order yours.



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Politoons #14 The “Hey, what’s the worst that could happen?” issue, July 2015


Brit Opposition Un- Opposed to Opening Old Wounds Leaders Election Finds!

With the leadership of the ambidextrous party now a shoe in for the party’s right hand (wo)man,  all eyes are on social media shaping policy for the first time since people were called wonks instead of geeks. The most seriously left of the leftists left over from the anti-left years when the party was last elected to run the country from the right has thrown his beard into the ring and challenged other challengers to grow one, grow up or to do something else with their faces besides talk in sound bytes.

Having realised that the last election was lost by them for the second time, the opposition has taken time to reflect on its opposition to its own internal conflict over re-presenting parts of the population that other parts providers cant reach.

Justice Meeted Out to Justice Minister Crutches Find!

mad men by macd
Meanwhile in government circles the minister for justice, truth and the American way, Mickhail Gove-a-chops has been seen recently feining injury in a care home in order to gain some much needed media traction. “thank goodness my wife can take photos and hates the NHS and everything it stands for that isn’t our government policy” stated Judge Gove before being whisked into a souffle and served as a blancmange to a table full of swill feeding anti-european private education providers.

a macd political cartoon about electionspolitoons-new-logo1-940-198-72

In sporting news

the shadow of former pharmacist turned charity cyclist Lance- the boil-Armstrong commented on the recent Tour de French Places and the recent winner, south african BRiton, Chris – piss in your face – Froome. Having first questioned the legitimacy of the spelling of Froome’s surname, Armstrong went on to announce he is coming out of retirement once again, and wants to take on the Tour winner in a mano a mano contest up the Alp D’Lu Es to see if a drug addled 40 year old can still beat the reigning “Just Say No” Champs Eh, Lee’s Eh(?) podium mounting champion.a sport themed cartoon about professional cycling using the indian ink cartoon style

Rally Death Tally Anomaly

In other mounting news,  two rally drivers went over a cliff when they mistook a turn for a lay-by in Austria.  “Driving seemed like such a fun thing to do until it went horribly wrong” said a rally organiser before coming back to deny he was anything of the sort. “We were shocked when we realised they hadn’t turned up just because they’d run out of fossil fuel.” Said a rallying expert from his dash mounted blue tooth iphone yesterday. He later commented while driving at 90 miles an hour until he hit the tailback on the M20 caused by international politicians who he believes should be shot for trying to scare people out of their cars with stories of impending climate change doom, the said driver said:”Once we get these ‘heads up’ displays sorted out, I’ll be able to talk to you, read my emails and watch my favourite U tube channel while driving in complete safety all the way to Calais!”

Bees offered Hive ownership while dying of cigarette based pesticides!a nature documentary cartoon that will be in the new ebook coming out in 2013

Wiser than the great sage of Herbalism, our weekly gardening column has commented favourably on the government’s decision to kill more bees with cigarette based pesticides than any previously elected parliament has been able to.  With more power than a Selby Cobra Jet Flying V8, the drunken lords and ladies of darkness have decided that bees should be next in line to be offered the right to buy. Previously hive tenants have had little say in ownership of their homes or the honey and wax they use as currency to pay rent. Now the government has turned table on greedy apiarists and offered hard working bee colonies the right to own their own hives and keep all the honey for themselves. In a landmark decision by the Secretary of Selling, professional honey makers will lose the rights to hives, and bees for the first time will be empowered with legal rights over their own homes. (Those who survive the use of nicorette patch based insecticides that is)

for more fun and frollicities, order your coffee table Enigma Deviations  collection of cartoons by writing to us today!

macds world of humor

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My Day Off, Episode 8, 2nite! 10pm GMT+1 on London’s Resonance FM

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-green-72Episode 8 of the darkly delirious monologue series My Day Off continues to break records for viewing figure for a Radio Program, and goes out tonight, at 10:00pm GMT +1 on

London’s Resonance FM  104.4khz

or online streamed to your ear lobe from what might be several orbits of the planet in real time.



Here’s a quote from Episode 8 to whet your dry bits…

“As for me, my bit part in the tragedy of others love hit home, and I wanted her/him so bad it made me stumble and break into a thousand windy shores…”





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Politoons, issue #13: WTF? oh yeah, I heard about that…


Wake Up! My Day Off is screaming at you:

“There, stewing like hot plated sovereigns in dish shaped bowls of cratered earth I gathered crops of tooth paste and floss into mouthfuls of saliva and spat them out like so much discarded conversation.”

(an excerpt from episode 8 of My Day Off – episode 5 goes out this Monday at 10pm on London’s Resonance FM)
politoons-new-logo1-940-198-blue-smMeanwhile, back in reality…

The Queen’s Palace Dream is a Nightmare in Waiting:

the queens speech by macd
Don’t worry though. El Queeno – the strange annual effect of dominion over the pacified nations of the formerly wave ruling United Kingdom has influenced government weather formations enough to exponentially increase the income of the wealthiest monarch in the country (well, the only one…) Meanwhile simultaneous tax credit subtraction from people who can’t afford to pay tax is being used to feather her highness’s nest. Equality has officially become something that Old Etonians can discuss over quail eggs and caviar without fear of revolution, as they bemoan the loss of empire that had previously banished the unruly or unkemp to some far flung corner of the globe – Happy Birthday Magna Carta!

Health Self-Service Sound Byte says Minister:

Meanwhile sickness is rife in the health service, where illness is being singled out by the Minister for Health PLC. “Look” says he of the needlessly unsympathetic when confronted by advisors,  “I’ve sent you a letter saying shut up or take early retirement. You can’t have both so if you don’t like it, choose your weapons now!”

250 thousand people can’t be wrong:

Protesters in London scratched at the surface of what is wrong with Britain when they said enough was enough and waited for the Prime Minister to admit he’d got it wrong on pretty much everything. Even the Prime Minister was forced to admit he was wrong about one thing: that 5 years ago,  even he never imagined that the Conservative Party could have gotten away with it.

It’s Official – English Women ARE Better at Footie than English Men:

In football news, no one noticed that England was doing well for once, because it was the woman’s team. England’s Women made it into the quarter finals of the world cup before the men did (in fact no British men’s team has ever managed to qualify for any women’s world cu). Given that the world cup is taking place in the colonies anyway, it is expected that no one will notice unless the English Lionesses come back with a nice shiny cup, or failing that, a series of leaks about performance enhancing drug use. The media waits with baited breath and potential hash tag news feed space – largely because football is more popular than other drug sports like cycling and distance running in the battle of  between media sexists and media sexiness.

International Invasions Invasive, study finds:

newsmight-sccandal-macd-smIn other invasions this week Saudi Arabia has bombed the living spit out of its neighbour Yemen, while Syria and Iraq are still considered fair game as far as dropping anything that goes ‘boom’ goes.

And that’s about it, for this week’s important “WTF” moments of modern history. Apart from Presidents using the N word obviously, and petrol heads continuing to profit from the most over priced form of racing in human history (as Formula 1 popularity begins to sag, it is time to sell sell sell!)20120222-094019.jpg


Good luck with your sweet dreams, and don’t forget to tune into the “splendidly idiosyncratic” My Day Off on Radio Resonance FM 104.4 in London, or live on your wet dream webstream. Monday Nights, 22:00 hr GMT +1clown-gun-no-tear-mdo-title
cheers for now,
x macd

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My Day Off enters it’s 5th week of broadcasting notoriety

clown-gun-no-tear-mdo-titlecheck it out Monday Nights at 10pm on London’s Resonance FM

or 104.1 on your capital dial.

Listen to the first episode here


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My Day Off peaks on London’s Resonance FM, Monday Nights at 10pm GMT+1

Summertime and the living is easy… especially when you’ve got the first episode of MY DAY OFF on London’s Resonance FM at 10 PM, starting this Monday night, June 1st at 10pm BST (GMT+1) Hope you can join me for 15 minutes of “monologue is the new poetry”! ;)


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From Beer to Maternity – the voice recognition tissue, Politoons 2015 #12


Cam flim flams over Brexit ‘frendum plans

let-them-eat-horse-macd-smWith the world about to implode over the outcome of the latest British election results that have been dragged out for the entire month of May, Government officials have offered people who live here no say in what happens when it comes to being part of where they came from to get here.  Confusing the electorate with ideas about what constitutes living in Britain besides living in Britain, the governing class plans to hold a referendum election quickly in the hope that it will be over before you know it.

Junker Dives in for Battle of Britain Referend-ifalling-euro-macd_web

Jea n Claude Junker – not seen in the skies over theUK since the Battle of  Britain seventy-five years ago – will be having tea with the Prime Minister to discuss their checkered history at Checkers this week. Having temporarily forgiven the PM for trying to have him thrown into prison on charges of being European at the height of British Un-Influence over European policy a few years ago, the Euro-chief has brought a packed lunch peace offering along with a flask full of bile for the two bleeders to share over a pot of uranium flavoured tea hand picked by KGB assassins, much favoured as a relaxant by the government’s patrolling elite.

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-pink-72“Gay coupling no longer a longing” say Celtic Tiger matrimony compliance officec-of-e-gay-marriage-macd-sm

Positing afresh the conundrums that Popes have kept hidden under their vestments for centuries, the world became a safer place for Guinness loving similar sex couplings this week as everyone in the land was able to express their thoughts without fear of being told to leave the country and go live somewhere else if they don’t like it. The tide of “marriage is too good for them” sentiment around the world has suffered a blow not seen since the last time a bunch of people got off their butts and said “Enough is enough, this Madness has to end!” (BTW not Madness of the “Our House/It Must be Love, Love, Love” variety, ed.)

Nostalgia Hits Pain Barrier as US/Russian relations seek counseling to avoid international breakupputin and the hobby horse

With Prezzies Putin and Obama both facing criticism from Sir John McCain of the Couldn’t be more Right Wing if we tried campaign for failed presidential contenders, International lawyers are raking it in while working on the divorce papers being filed with the International Court of Human Flight.  With more people trying to get somewhere on the planet that they’re not supposed to be than ever before in the history of human migration since the dawn of humanity, the two biggest Nuclear ARSEnalated powers in the world are in a stand off about sitting on the fence when it comes to the big picture that needs a new frame and a bigger wall to hang the bugger on. More updates to follow as no-one wants to talk about this issue too much while the proxi wars are taking place in the Middle Bleasdon desert, where everyone watches on in horror as people who make horror take over many of the oil fields eroding our beloved carbon neutral future.

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-green-72IDS warns DLS of disquiet over anagram similaritieseradicate-poverty-macd-sm

£12 Billion Welfare Cuts will create many new slices of the same old pie says IDS from his Westminster bunker.  Sounding more Churchillian everyday, the quiet man of British Cruelty has little sympathy to spare – much less cash – for the lowly low paid and downtrodden who carpet the paving stones around number 10 Downing Street like discarded Ministerial chewing gum.  Given that IDS PLC had no idea he would still be in the post elected Cabinet, it’s no surprise that Mr. IAM Dunkin’ Smithereens (Minister with responsibility for Pain Barriers) has quickly cobbled together an unworkable policy based on his previously unworkable policies made during the previously un-voted-for government.

Paul McCartney changes his name to MACCA by dead pollmusicians1-macd-sm

For some time in the 1960’s it was rumoured that ex Cavern Club regular Sir Paul McCartney had died or been killed by a mysterious song writing bug that had bitten him in childhood. His increasingly fractious relationship with everyone around him pushed him toward carrying on as long as possible with a series of hits unparalleled in the music industry by any other left handed bass player. Now in his eighties and with several marriages behind him, the man who inspired “I buried Paul” when the white album was played backwards, and who was assumed to be a robot or an imposter for much of his career has proved that fans stick to you like glue and often come away all sticky and wet when you try to peel them off.
Selling out Wembley while reportedly still alive, Sir P set the fireworks rolling as the stadium filled with Dad Rock and the world of twitter was instantly populated with thousands of badly lit selfies.

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-72Labour on Maternity Leave confused with Political Opposition in Hospital Case!labour leadership by macd

Former Scottish Labour politicians have found their road to redemption blocked by party plans to back a referendum on a united kingdom sounding as if it is closely linked to the so called Union Movement. Emergency Services were recently called to the border with Scotland to offer shelter to fleeing former Labour MP’s.  A Scottish MP labour camp has been built close to Gretna Green, former home of quick marriages of convenience and political elopement close to the unprotected border with Scotland, formerly a land that hosted a majority Labour ethnic community. Dozens of former MP’s have fled the far north of the Island in the hope of seeking refuge in southern Labour Party strongholds in the slightly less further north of the same Island.

UKIP Flip flopping fillip blip, as Farage faces Barrage of re-assignation quips.nigel-aghast1-macd

Denying that he had anything to do with himself when he resigned after the failed election campaign, UKIP’s former present leader presented his case to the media yesterday, insisting that they instead had a case to answer. Slamming his own case down on the table really hard Nigel went on to say:  “We’re leaving Europe and everything and anyone else that tries to tell you different  is nothing more than part of a stitch up conspiracy by vested interest in this country of two or three real countries that I care about passionately and want to change in many ways while turning back the clock in many others.”

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Post Elective Stress Disorder Special! May 2015 #11

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-blue-smHandwriting turns to Wringing as Princely Spiders Weave Regal Webshite!

Fickle Prince Charles, pontificate Royale’ of the court of Engerland faced damaging hair loss this week as judges ruled in favour of seeing what favour he tried to curry with political underlings for his Empire of Duchy biscuits and Loose Leaf tea plantations.

South African Cricketer Can’t Do It for England says Sticky Wicket Keeper!

Kelvin Piater’s son KP was mocked for scoring more runs than anyone else in the country this week.  Following the appointment of someone who wasn’t very good at being England’s Cricket captain to the post of someone who isn’t very good at being on the English Cricket Board, news was breaking today that the best batsman in the country couldn’t play for his own country or for this one neither. KP remained loyal to his autobiographical gossip but urged that the team purge itself of the issue of Trust, saying “It’s not how you win or lose mate – it’s how you win full stop!”

In art News:
Picasso That Fell off the Back of an Easel breaks Record for Algerian Femen Protest!

A big drawing that can legally be described as a painting fell into the hands of some idiot with more money than sense this week as someone who was so embarrassed at wanting the picture that no one else thought worth having refused to be named in the auction house that made a mint out of pretending the damn thing was worth anything in the first place!

Giacometti Stick Figure Reaches Six Figures!

Meanwhile a more memorable sculpture came up for sale and because it didn’t have it’s arms or heads missing like that famous winged angel in the Louvre, or all those thousands of Greek sculptures that are ‘priceless’ even though the hands and genitals have been chiseled off. Money isn’t everything though is it? I’ve got a light bulb here I’ve been turning on and off for years, but no one’s offering me a Turner prize for it are they?

Doctors told to cut back on curing people unnecessarily!


Savings in Government Departments have already begun with news that doctors’ shouldn’t try to cure people unnecessarily. “A strong National Health Service needs a strong economy, and until we have one you can’t have both!” David Cameron said as he queued in the limos outside number ten waiting to drop off the hard working families that didn’t get elected.

Unions told Unanimity needed if they must not do as they’re told!politoons-new-logo1-940-198-green-72

Strikers who wish to take industrial action will have to all agree with everyone else first in a move that may revolutionise voting after no one seems happy with the results so far.

Barbershop opens in London’s Millionaire district as Non-Dom home owner struggles with bedroom (blue) Plaque.

A Swiss woman who is so rich she wants to knock her house down so she can live in London, has told her neighbours to get a haircut as she decorates her London home in traditional salon livery.

Liberals Lost Trust as well as seats says poll Party doesn’t believe!

Nick Clegg woke to the news that everyone was no longer there on the morning after the election as he attempted to justify 5 years of trying to be nice to people he didn’t agree with in the first place. “The coalition was a great success!” Clegg insisted, although it has gone the way of the Dodo. Meanwhile his colleagues reflected on their defeat by standing on the a stairway down to the underground, saying now they know what it’s like to have ideas above their station.

Counter Terror Bill formed to stop Over the Counter Sales of Narratives says Extreme Sports Bookseller!

Counter narratives will be introduced by the incoming government once they decide which election pledge to reneg on first. “We want to stop people thinking dangerous thoughts before they happen.” Said Olivia Leftwind, the cross dressing behind the scenes cut out character from Tory days of old. Introducing snooping and police brutality on a scale not seen since the Irish Troubles, the new government intends to drive a horse and shit-shovel through the gates of Human Rights at the first kettling opportunity.

Mass protest in Cabinet as blue collar blue suit sit-in continues after MP’s stand for election too long!

Cabinet Members were out in force today as they sat down together for long enough to look too busy to just sit there not doing anything. Having formed the first photo op for the newly formed government, they were dismissed to go forth and prosper for a second term, seeking cuts where others only saw scraping by, and savings where others only saw food banks.

Prince Harry Wary of Getting Married bored reporters find!

Meanwhile to stop everyone thinking the government had it all it’s own way in the media, one or two newspapers decided to pick on the one red headed royal who hasn’t got himself shackled to a aristocrat-ress of some sort. Speculating that one of the richest playboys in the country must be pining, gagging for it, lonely as a widow and such like, the media has decided it won’t leave him alone until he finds something useful to do with himself and his redundant genetic hardware.





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I awoke as if from a drea… WTF!

to-be-honest-PM-macdOne Nation Gory Tory Story Glory!

Like Rumplestiltskin I awoke from a dream into a nightmare! What calamity is this! What has befallen this once great nation? Who is that smug posh git standing on the wreckage of society? Oh, it’s him, the same jammy dodger who schmoozed his way into number 10 five years ago the way a shark schmoozes it’s way into a paddling pool.

Ian Duncan Smith – the quietest sadist since Colonel Gaddafi left the world with a reminder up his … – is now entrusted with amputating the caring society from the Raft of Medusa before throwing it’s withered stump into the above mentioned kiddie’s pool. (not a prospect that anyone who’s ever been a Lifeguard or had to clean out a public baths would want to contemplate).
how the welfare secretary sleeps at night by macd
While the 3 or 4 divided nations settled into a night of predictable outcomes, they woke to see their tattered ensign shimmying down the greasy pole, scuttling toward the nearest tailors, and flogging the ragged remains of the family silver down the river. A murky Thames, clogged with silt from years of paddling it’s slave ship treasures to the outsourced kingdom on Nondomica.

Meanwhile somewhere in France:

Le Pen mightier than Le Merde as Father causes shit storm for FN’ing daughter!





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My Day Off, a new series of 15 minute audiations

My Day Off is a series of 15 minute humorous monologues by Mac Dunlop
episode 1

I always find it difficult to describe what a monologue is to be or not to be. My last series Unspoken Words had a simple soundbyte, it was “about a single word, and what a single word could inspire”, a series of humourous monologues that were held together by a single tenuous thread, a different single word each week. UW ran for forty 15 minute episodes on Cornwall’s The Source FM, and London’s Resonance FM between 2010 and 2012.
Now, having lost you in terms of my ‘elevator pitch’ time frame, I want to introduce you to what My Day Off is not:

1) it is not another Unspoken Word series.

2) it is not linear narrative (it accommodates the capacity of a single voice to trample all over sense and sensibility).

3) it is not real, it is a rapid fire approach to containing what happens next within a 15 minute linear time frame.

4) it is not unfunny.

5) I refer my honourable member to the answer I gave moments ago*.

*p.s. no search engines were harmed in the writing of this Press Release

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Someone’s hidden the eggs again!



Easter negotiations ongoing at Calvary


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Delectable debatables 

Trending politicians blend hashtag quips with bits of debatable sound byte blips!




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POlitOOns April Issue 2015, #10

Anti-Gay Gay Laws Gunned down by Rifle Association Lobby in Foyer of Religious Senior Living Homes!

Discriminati20120612-113216.jpgon has recriminations for retro-fitted equality legislation as worrying signs of idiocy resurface in American Culture yet again. Without thinking it through, some knee jerk states have asserted their fifth column amendment rights to freedom of stupidity and disqualified themselves from being nice to others on religious grounds. Outside one church built to withstand the second coming, a well armed pastor rebuked suggestions that they were racist homophobes with nothing better to do than complain that everyone else is not an exact clone of their mother.

Loneliness seen as next social status to receive government research funding says study into the best things to say if you want to make any applications for funding!

New studies indicate that instant communication has replaced less instant communication that can take days. While people want to show how appreciative they are of others who spend ridiculous amounts of time on meaningless status updates, they do not want to have to wait around impatiently for long periods, waiting for what they’ve just posted to come up on their screens. “Ideally, the insignificant thing you want to say should arrive in your in box before you send it.” says an expert who spends a lot of time online and is only available through Skype.

Teachers take on jobs as part time politicians in parliamentary education shake up!

Secretary for Everything-that-is-wrong-with-this-country, Cleric Pickles, has told dog walkers that they could soon be fined for using unregistered leads and dog collars as the government promises to get tough on pets and tough on the causes of pets.

We can’t possibly say what we’re planning because we have no planning permission! says Tory Election Strategist

the family way cartoon by macd
Bill Rights, the government salaried whimsicalist says “There is nothing like presenting your policies in the clearest possible manner, but we as a government need to sort out some copyright issues before publishing our ideas for the future now. Besides… Bill went on to say “…the less we say, the better we do!”

Plane Chem Trails Pale in Plain Sight Oversight!

An airplane carrying the hopes and dreams of a generation has been lost in the fog of anti European sentiment say airport officials who cannot get work permits to fly beyond the end of the landing strips of major transport hubs. With the wheels coming off the undercarriage of polluting the planet using gas guzzling jet engines at high altitude, airport duty free tax inspectors have decided to impose new queues and confusion on their paying customers during the busiest times in the air industry calendar.boom-boom-14-12-14macd-sm

Famous People Dying Unnecessarily say Obituary experts!

“More than average famous people are dying every week, and government statistics are powerless to stop it!” Said someone in a tweet sent around the world becuase the writer felt bored. Other commentators expanded on the subject saying that “If even mostly famous people can’t live forever, then what chance have the rest of us got?” Later editions of the hashtag controversy included the thoughts of anonymous users who can easily be tracked by government agencies, or even private corporations that are willing to spend some of their fat cat billions on watching insignificant others express themselves through the pooh storm of interwebbery that passes for human intimacy these days.businessman-with-golf-macds

England nearly Play Football after Cricket disaster and Murray Fury at Golf’s Masters creates blurry word slurry over Italian Job’s sorry match tie story

Having equalled the worst in the world one way or another, English sport fans hailed the Galaxy of American L.A. as they honoured a middling midfield Englishman with a 16. 5 million dollar house in the rising sun – if not their starting 11. Rumours that David Gerrard and Steven Beckham will be seen together in California while over the age of forty have been circulating in the United States of Anti Gay laws for weeks, as the ex-pat Little Englanders happily avoid tax in the only way their accountants know how.beckham-retires-macd-500sm

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