visualise your funny

politoons-new-logo1-940-198.jpgVisualizing social humor is a rather complicated and incomplete science.  Photographs and captions work very well together, as do photos and word balloons, as the regular cover of satirical magazines like Private Eye prove on a regular basis.  But search all you like for the best images, or best jokes, and it is still hard to develop your own style.  You can improve yourself both as an artist and as a writer in two easy ways:

1) search out other people’s work

2) keep practicing even when you think what you are doing is no good.

Failure is always an option, as giving up is easy to do (unlike breaking up).

Look and read the work of others, and try to do something creative of your own every day.

Slowly, people will seek out what you do, often from special interests and places you would least expect.

So expect the unexpected, enjoy the suspense of living on the edge with your words and images.

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