The Enigma Deviations

The Enigma Deviations is now out in a coffee table format book of cartoon humor.

you can order a copy here, or visit Jam Records in Falmouth Cornwall to pick up or order a copy for £10 (+p+p). Originally an exhibition of Drawings, Prints and Sound Installation premiered at Jam Records on Falmouth High Street, in Cornwall. We’ve published this print version to cope with the demand for more.


Exhibition: The Enigma Deviationspolitoons-new-logo1-940-198-72
Name: Artist and writer Mac Dunlop

Location: Jam Records,
32 High Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 2AD

The Enigma Deviations is the latest exhibition of satire and caricature from Politoons creator MacD. The innovative work created over the last year includes a sound installation in the downstairs gallery that will be open between 2 and 3 pm everyday. This is the premier of a new body of works on paper, poetics and experimental sound-only narratives that encroach on daily life in a thoroughly modern mnemonic sort of way.UW-macd-writing

check back in here for more information

at Jam Records

32 High Street Falmouth Cornwall Tr11 2aD



8 thoughts on “The Enigma Deviations

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