Caption Contests


The Eighth Politoon Caption Contest



The Seventh Politoons Caption Contest (closed)

Bartender: What are you drinking? Customer: I'll have another............ Bartender: What's with the paws?

Bartender: What are you drinking? Customer: I’ll have another………… Bartender: What’s with the paws?

winning caption by  Mr. C Insoll on February 11-2015,

The Sixth Politoons Cartoon contest (closed)

“Oh no! We should not have drunk that bottle of ‘Quantum Champagne’. It has sent us into one of the infinite number of possible universes, and this is the one where I get stuck under a giant golf ball and you can’t remember the words of any songs, even though you are at last on stage in front of thousands of people in a short dress and have a microphone!” he gasped.


 The Fifth Politoons Cartoon Contest (closed)

Looks like the unemployed figures are getting smaller! (d.p.)


The Fourth Politoons Cartoon Contest (closed)

no one was impressed by Fido's tortoise impression (PG)
no one was impressed by Fido’s tortoise impression (PG)

The Third Politoons Cartoon Caption Contest  (closed)


The Second Politoons Cartoon Caption Contesttyres-macd-s-campbell-sm (closed)

The First Politoons Cartoon Caption Winner


It’s spelled “F. O.O.D.”


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