Winner of the 5th Caption Contest!



This one was a  challenge for the dedicated captioneers out there. You could almost smell the wood smoke, as brain cells roasted on an open fire, and cerebral fluid bubbled with consterna-tious express-itude.


here are the shortlisted runners up:

 ‘GCHQ goes organic’

alluding to the spying fraternity seeking the seal of approval from the Soil Association from D. T.

‘Your goal is to breed all the different dragons available’

a caption inspired by the Role Playing MUD MOO and ROTFL community perhaps? from Johnd

‘In the blink of an eye Willy wakes.’

oh how the wonderful S.B. must have sent brain cells racing around the collider to come up with that!

the 5th caption contestBut after a great many sleepless nano-seconds, the chosen winner of this month’s Politoons Caption contest is


‘Looks like the unemployed figures are getting smaller!’

from the super Mr. Power!

who will be receiving his signed Glicee print of the Cartoon and Caption as soon as we track him down!

Thankyou all for entering, and an honourable mention goes out to the tireless T.C. a previous winner.

Don’t forget that the illuminating collection of cartoons ‘The Enigma Deviations’ is out now too. Check it here

and finally here we are:  introducing the 6th Politoon Caption Contest!

6th caption-contest-macd-sm

just leave your caption in the caption box below, and good luck!




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